Film is not dead

Film is not dead, it just smells funny!

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I don’t know where I read this quote or who is the author but I just love it!

Perhaps only someone who has developed film can understand the quote fully. Just as the saying goes: “I love the smell of fixer in the morning”

Anyways, is really seems that film is not dead, even if some projects to revive film cameras, notably on Kickstarter, are doomed.

On the film side, despite all the negative efforts of Fujifilm, there are more and more good news!

Latest one is ADOX, the German trade mark of Fotoimpex, my entitled shop for anything film. They announced a new low ISO, high resolution black and white film, based on a technical film stock with still lower sensitivity, enhanced by their special techniques.

I might even feel guilty for using my digital camera during my latest trip….

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