Nearly one month!

Yes, it’s been nearly one month since the last insignificant post.170615 - Canon AE-1 - Ilford HP5 (21)

Just to let you all know that I’m still here, still watching though I’ve been much too passive those last months.

But one day, one day…170628 - Leica IIIa - Kodak Tmax 400 (4)

I’ll be back!

Thanks to all the faithful people who still visit my blog!

7 thoughts on “Nearly one month!

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    1. Nothing to speak about… tired, extenuated, feeling OLD. Walking about without a camera, seeing stuff that might make a photo, knowing it and not doing what I should….

      Is it serious, doctor?

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      1. I haven’t made many photos in the last couple of months either, partly because summer is my slower season photography wise (the other seasons I just find more interesting, and of course less hot!) and partly because I’ve been more into bikes than cameras.

        I think it’s phase that will pass for you, we all need time without a camera to appreciate them more when we do return…

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      2. Frank,we have to meet in the city and chat about photography and drinking a knopes coffee , maybe the photographic life will show up


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