Weeks, Months fly by…

…and I promise I’ll be back one day soon!170722 - Canon AE-1 - Fuji Superia 200 (15).jpg

Missing photography a lot but really not having any spare moment and peace of mind to immerse myself in finding photos around me.

Thanks to all the faithful visitors who still honour my site with their presence!

14 thoughts on “Weeks, Months fly by…

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  1. Hi Frank, good to hear that you are still about this week. Whilst you may have other pressures at the moment, always have a camera with you. You never know when that elusive spark of creativity will return. Take care and hear from you again hopefully quite soon.

    Ian R

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      1. Strange but I’d like to prowl again, camera in hand but I just can’t find the final need or inspiration.

        I still see those photos when I walk along my way but even taking out my iPhone seems too much trouble. Too much on my mind, too much static in my brain just now…


      2. Perhpas if you haf a camera (not iPhone ) you would mire likely to takeit out, maybe the feeling that everything was shot already?


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