Told Ya!

Yep, told ya I’d be back some day!

Not necessarily with new photos, cause there ain’t none just yet, but I’m back with some ravings all the same!

Thanks for waiting, and thanks to those who started following this blog even with no new content for ages.

What am I going to be raving about today?

Ah, yes, the old favorite – Film vs Digital!

You OK with that? Anyways, here I go!

I present to you two photos. Photos I made some time back, well, almost 10 years for this one:2009-07-15 at 11-22-30

A photograph conforming to all the traditional criteria. The holy-thirds-rule, simplicity etc etc.

But is it a good photo? Is it great – I won’t even hope that.

For me the important thing is that it’s a photo I like. A photo that represents part of my life, a photo that speaks of home to me… the real home, not the one I’m living in now.

Is it digital? Is it film? Do you even bother? Do I bother?


More about this later.

Now to something different.

Another photo I like, another one that means something to me. Another one that simply does not have to be good, perfect or bad. A photo that is important to me:131215 - Ilford HP5 - Olympus Trip 35 - (13).jpg

Why this one? It’s diametrically opposed to the first one, not only because it’s black and white!

It’s important to me because it’s the very first time  had to face my subject! The man looked to the right initially. But when I was about to release the shutter he looked up, saw me, and I saw him! I really saw him, not as a photographic subject but as a human being I was about to fix on my photographic media. Do I go on, do I apologize and go away?

I pressed the shutter, thanked him with a broad smile and went on. A determining moment (OK, a small one) of my life. My very first real street photograph.

Now comes my question:

Is it really important to know if the photos were made on film or a digital sensor?


The thing that matters, and really the ONLY thing that matters is if those photos hold some special memory for me… if you like them too, all the better!

Do you like them? Please comment.

Before I sign off for today, the first one, the cool guys on their boat is digital! Made with a long gone (and sometimes regretted) Canon EOS400D. I used a very cheap Sigma 55-200mm zoom lens. Why that one?

Well as everybody knows, to complement your shitty 18-55mm kit lens you HAVE to buy a 55-200mm lens. You won’t want a focal hole between them, do you? I was silly back then!

The grumpy dude lives on a film negative. Taken with a much more down to earth Olympus Trip 35 some years later.

But does the media really matter?

Tell me!

Good to talk to you again. Will try to keep it up now.

17 thoughts on “Told Ya!

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  1. Frank, welcome back and yes it is good to talk.

    You’re completely right of course, the format matters little, unless your involved in the kind of photography that requires a particularly specialised format or piece of equipment. But for you and I it’s largely irrelevant – whatever works for each individual and allows them to get the kind of images they want…

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  2. PS/ I like both images. The first is very tranquil and pleasing with its blues and greens and simplicity. The second shows a great character but it makes me nervous even hearing the story behind it – the kind of experience that makes me steer well clear of street photography! : )

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  3. Hello Frank, hope you are doing well! Missed your posts. Good that you still have old archives reach 10 years back. I also have those old digital files, but I am hesitant to open them. For the street picture – I had similar feelings when it happened for the first time. Anyway, it is your private moment, feeling. We see the picture.

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  4. It’s nice to see that you are alive and kicking.

    I like both. That said, the second suffers from too much depth of field resulting in the leg of the person behind the subject looking like it is coming out of his head.

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  5. Glad to have you back Frank. Your right what does media matter? The shots both have their place in your story. The fact that they are both pretty good is a bonus! Photos are the physical manifestation of a memory. What one chooses to show should dictate the type of photo you take. Black and white has a nice documentary feel to it. Colour can transport you or demand your attention. What matters is why we take the photos in the first place. I tend not to take shots of people as I’m not a people person, however having lost a dear family member recently, I regret not taking many people photos – lesson learnt – I hope!

    All the best


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  6. Hi Frank, it’s good to see you back. I like both pictures, but because of my personal history with photography I strongly associate color photographs with digital and black and white photographs with film, so media does matter when I set off to take some pictures.

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  7. Of course you are right Frank, the media matters not a jot neither do the aperture settings, speed, ISO/ASA or anything else really at least to anyone but yourself.
    An image is an image in its own right and how it came about is irrelevant.

    I like both for different reasons, one makes me wish I was standing where you were and the other makes me think of my father.

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