Going exactly nowhere…

Who ripped this track apart?IMG_0002.jpg

Might be a bit dangerous, no?

By the way, these are NEW photos… Yep, I’m triggering again!

But I am frightened I have to admit it’s all done with my camera phone…

But who cares?

Oh, YOU do!

Well, sorry but that’s the deal now!

Thanks for stopping by

9 thoughts on “Going exactly nowhere…

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  1. As has often been said, the technology doesn’t matter. The important thing is Frank that you’re out and about and shooting again. Congratulations on facing your demons and conquering them. Glad to have you back and keep up the good work. By the way, nice shot too.


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  2. in this photo it doesnt matter, but there are challenging situations, that phone doesnt compare with better equipped cameras

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  3. A fascinating picture. At first I thought someone had removed a section of a continuous track in the background. But on closer inspection it looks like all of the track in the background is uninstalled sections, looking for all the world like model railroad track sections before they are assembled into a layout. It’s a good example of a picture that should be able to stand close inspection, at least for some viewers. And the camera phone did a fine job of it.

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  4. No one who cares about the images and what they show cares about what camera was used. When you shoot you need to decide who the audience is that you care about.

    That said, I struggle with the ergonomics of phones when used as a serious camera. A phone case with a wrist strap and a grip would make me much happier!

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    1. Thanks for the comment. My first audience is… me. I try to capture what I like. Don’t think too much about others at First. Now of others like what I do, all the better.

      I had Problems with the haptics of Phone cameras too… until I for this ginormous iPhone Xr…. fits really well. Strange as I Always avoided bigger phones

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