Industrial Decay

When I was young, about 45 years ago, this was a newly built grain storage facility near the railway station of the nearby town where I lived. A wonder of architecture and technology in those days.IMG_0784

Nowadays, it’s still there, but it looks as if it’s severely out of use.

Of course the awful weather of the last weeks does not help. All looks terribly shabby and…. yes, interresting for the photographer.IMG_0785

How can old dilapidated stuff attract photographers like flies?

Structure, contrast, light… the very tools of our trade, are all responsible for the great look of old stuff.IMG_0786

It was a terribly cold evening and my phone (yes, I’m guilty again!) lost it’s charge at an alrming level, at least as fast as my fingers went numb. Nonetheless I managed to make some photos that I like.

But it’s not only the industrial stuff around railway stations that suffer the abuse of time. Houses too tend to be in a sad state.IMG_0792

I simply got to return there some time soon!

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6 thoughts on “Industrial Decay

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  1. Nice shots Frank. I like the effect of time on things (except me!) I regularly walk past some allotments or smallholdings and I love the look and feel of the place. It’s my impression of the Japanese term Wabi-Sabi. Not so much industrial decay more rustic.

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  2. I remember that one Flickr group had a name “Beutiful is boring”, so maybe it partly answers the question why decay is photogenic. And also there is important factor – nostalgia. Greetings.

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