People / No People

This will be a short one, but as you are used now to have none at all… don’t complain 😉

Does street photography need the ‘human element’?mon

Or can it exist without?mon

After all, it’s called street photography, not human or people photography. So I don’t think the human in the photo is that important.

What’s important is the context. Be it a person interacting with his or her environment or with the camera / photographer or an interesting element of our environment.mon

OK, I admit, those latest photos are not groundbreaking. I’m realistic after all. But they have the enormous merit to exist at all. And that’s really something these days of apathy and listlessness.


Ha, by the way, these were made with a Leica… well sort of. But more about that in some later post… I’ll try to write it this year. Just kidding, I promise to finish it before summer. You remember summer? That time when it’s WARM outside!IMG_20190220_172129.jpg

See you soon!

10 thoughts on “People / No People

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  1. Frank, good question. No I don’t think you need people. Any street by its definition is a route people travel along, so there will some evidence or other of their presence there. How you find and present that is what makes an interesting photo or not. You can have photographs with no people that are compelling, and conversely photographs full of people that are mundane. It’s down to the photographer to find something interesting then capture and present it to others.

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  2. Btw is Leica still a Leica if the picture is taken with a non-Leitz / Leica branded lens? What matters, the camera body or the taking lens?

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