Been up to no good…

…and messed around some with the site.img_20190404_182329

What do you think?

No, honestly!

And I promise to be good and post some NEW stuff in the next days!


6 thoughts on “Been up to no good…

Add yours

  1. Frank, good to see you back.

    I like the abundance of white (and grey) space of the site, and the white, grey and green colour scheme.

    There seem to be a few sections duplicated in the right hand side column and at the bottom of the site in the big black box. Personally, I prefer sites to be symmetrical so the text and photos are central on the page. So maybe you could leave the recent posts, archive etc at the bottom, and lose the right hand column? It’s your blog though of course, just my personal preference!


    1. You’re right!

      I am just fiddling with the wordpress editor to get it to do what I want…. No idea yet if I’ll win or if wordpress get’s it’s way.

      The sidebar will definitely go


  2. Great to have you back again Frank. Sorry it’s taken me a couple of days to catch up. Liking the new layout and looking forward to new stuff.

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