It’s been a year now!

Yes, a whole year and some since I developed my last film. I checked!

190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Agfa APX 100  (22).jpg
Wuthering Heights? – Agfa APX100 shot in my Spotmatic, stand-developed in Rodinal

And that year has been a long slow agony. Really, a horrible series of days, weeks and months that are mostly lost for me.

Why that… sorry, not really your business. Suffice to say that life kept me from doing what I really wanted to do.

And I listened to life, stupid me.

Until now!

The last 4 days I shot two rolls of black and white film, one Agfa APX 100 and one Kosmo Foto 100 in my Spotmatic SP… and it was great.

I just went out to a place I have seen very often in those last months, a place I always told me I simply had to make photos of… and never did.

The weather was not ideal! Yes, it was sunny, but the scene cries for some heavy black clouds with lightning flashing around. But you have to take what you get and I was really happy to immerse myself in photography again.

190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Agfa APX 100 (3)
The Barn – Agfa APX100 shot in my Spotmatic, stand-developed in Rodinal

Walking around with a camera in hand, looking at stuff, making decisions about framing and angles and so on is simply a deliverance. Walking about with a camera and just following my thoughts, getting lost in photography is the best thing you can do.

But I really had to force myself!

See, we’re building a house. OK not we ourselves, rather we’re having a house built. And this house is really, really overdue. Should have been finished end of november and here we arestill with the bare minimum, all our stuff being in storage. We had to leave our apartment that was already rented on.

190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Kosmo Foto 100 (6)
Idyllic Forest View – Kosmo Foto 100 shot in my Spotmatic, stand-developed in Rodinal

Even my developing stuff is in storage, unreachable. So I just ordered a nice cheap starter kit from FOTOIMPEX, like a beginner and I went for it. And like a beginner I mixed 300 ml of water with 3 ml of Rodinal for stand develoment, brought it up to the right temperature and poured it into the development tank. I started the timer and… oh no! I got 2 rolls of film in there! Takes 600 ml for those 2 rolls!!!

Luckily I still had water at 20° left and mixed another batch. In it went and off went the timer… again.

Now I wait… 30 minutes, then a gentle inversion and another 30 minutes and we’ll see…

Yes, I know there’s no real suspense here as you saw the results at the beginning of this post already… but I tried 😉

And for me the suspense is real. As I write this the first 30 minutes are…. yes, just over now! Timer beeping back there.

190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Kosmo Foto 100 (30)
Moss… not Kate! – Kosmo Foto 100 shot in my Spotmatic, stand-developed in Rodinal

Inversions done… 30 more minutes! And I promise I’m not going to change the text of this post, no matter the outcome!

Luckily I have my scanner around so I’m getting ready for an intense evening of power-scanning!

Ah yes, Film I hear you say, scanner, developing… how come. Your latest stuff, as rare as it was, was mostly digital. But I’ll leave that explanation for a future post. Soon! And I have an idea for still another one… I’m unstoppable now!

I hope.

190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Kosmo Foto 100 (7)
Water Tank – Kosmo Foto 100 shot in my Spotmatic, stand-developed in Rodinal

Still, anyway the negatives will turn out, I had real fun! And I’m not stopping! Promised!

…..some hours later:

Hmmm, the negatives have dried, as have the water stains on them. Unfortunately I don’t have my jug of distilled water here. And it seems that the local water is mostly made of solid stuff. I’ll have to rinse them in distilled water and dry them again. There’s no problems, only solutions.

Apart from that, they seem very much OK! Scanning tomorrow!

…..the next day:

Aaaaah, the stuff I definitely did not miss… scanning. Lots of coffee, lots of tea, lots of time. But I’ll get there…


190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Agfa APX 100 (30)
Close Up! – Agfa APX100 shot in my Spotmatic, stand-developed in Rodinal

I’m quite happy with the results. Well I guess my acceptance threshold is rather low but I like some of those a bit. I’m not through post processing all of them, but in this post are those that caught my eye when I scanned the lot. Might be more goodies there.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to comment! Critics very welcome.

Thanks for your patience waiting for this stuff.

14 thoughts on “It’s been a year now!

Add yours

  1. Welcome back Frank! With the lemons life has thrown this last year you’ve certainly put them with a Gin and tonic! Effervescent enthusiasm – that’s how it should be. Keep the bubbles going! Seriously though some nice images.


    Liked by 1 person

      1. Environmentally sustainable. Excellent hope it all comes together soon. Does it include space for a darkroom ; ) ?


  2. It’s good to see your blog up and running again, and with some interesting pictures. The Agfa and the Kosmo certainly have a different appearance, but I’m not sure which I prefer.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “stuff I definitely did not miss… scanning”… maybe consider to going to digital to avoid it 🙂

    very simple photos here Frank


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