Hi-Key – Lo-Key

Two very different concepts in photography, two different ways to represent the world!170611 - Olympus XA2 - JCH StreetPan 400 (26)

Which ones do you prefer? Certainly anyone must have a preference?

Or not…

This is just my personal view on this topic and lo and behold, I prefer both. How that? How is this only possible?170204 - Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom - Agfa Vista Plus 200 (13)

Well it’s easy, I just prefer high key color photos and low key black and white ones.

Is it because I’m afraid of too much color that I like photos where color appears nearly as an afterthought? As I already said on this blog HERE and HERE, I prefer making color photos in winter. When all is foggy, cloudy. When trees are bare and rain softens any remaining chromatic incursions.170204 - Ricoh Shotmaster Zoom - Agfa Vista Plus 200 (10)

But in summer, glorious, luminous, brilliant summer, I tend to use mostly black and white film and I really, really try it bring out the dark side of photography… well, the contrasty aspects at least.170901 - Olympus XA2 - Lomo Lady Grey (30)-2

Think this is strange?32D24316-4CB4-4EAA-87DE-BE68499165A8

Think again!

Photography is all about expressing our view of the world. Sure, you can also just document our world, but I think that’s a whole different process. Documentary photography versus ‘impressionist’ photography.2012-11-10 at 11-35-10

I prefer showing my personal view of the world, and this view is mostly, not always, mind you, mostly high key in winter and low key in summer…. go figure!7CD874A9-6880-4572-9AF9-F41D74F1D048

Just the way I prefer my world.

What’s your take on this? I’m looking forward to reading your opinions.

Thanks for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Hi-Key – Lo-Key

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  1. interesting approach you have
    almost all of the photos in this set has retro (yeasteryear) feel
    only one doesn’t
    i understand you.


  2. I agree Frank that it’s up to each of us to make photographs that feel “ours”, unique in some way and that reflect how we see the world. I rarely go with purely documentary style, and nearly always have some impressionistic influence, even if it’s just increasing contrast and saturation. I’ve been playing more with my Pentax Q recently and settings like the cross process and infra red filters, which is another step away from “straight” photography. I think we can get too sombre and serious with photography sometimes!

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