Mystic Forest

No I have not been to a mysterious forest in parts unknown. This is just around the corner, a short 5 minute’s walk away.190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Kosmo Foto 100 (36)

I just wanted to play around with creating some otherworldly views from my rather bland landscape / forestscape photos.

And why not! As I use a hybrid approach of film photography and digital scanning / development anyways, why not play around with the software a bit to make something new.190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Kosmo Foto 100 (19)

I used Tonality as a plugin to Apple’s Photos to apply some dramatic filter and tweak it a bit. I rather like the outcome.190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Kosmo Foto 100 (35)

It’s that ‘enchanted forest’ look I like. Just missing some wisps of mist floating around and some cackling witches hiding behind the trees.190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Kosmo Foto 100 (24)

Let’s not be too strict about that film thing!

I love shooting film cameras as they are the only ones that give me that ‘no worries’ feeling with their very limited controls. And of course I do worry about the cost of film… but I just like those old contraptions and the results they let me achieve.

But then again, once the negatives are scanned they are mine to apply any stuff I like to get a result I like. Anything goes!190502 - Pentax Spotmatic SP - Kosmo Foto 100 (25)

This blog’s name is ‘Why Use Film Cameras’, not ‘Why use Film’ after all!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I know plenty of reasons why people shoot film. But… if you then take those film images, scan them and start to apply all kinds of digital post processing and effects, then why not just do that with digital camera images, and leave film images in a more pure form, as faithful as possible to the original emulsion? Seems kind of like making a delicious meal from all organic natural ingredients, then smothering it in bbq sauce or ketchup.


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