Time keeps on slipping…

…into the future!IMG_0102

Weary, tired, no good…

And time is hard to keep track of if you have lots of things to think about, to worry about!

We’ve been moving to our new (partly finished) house a bit over a week ago. Hard to find your bearings in a work in progress (slooooooowwww progress!) and hard to think about essentials like photography in this situation.

Anyways, there’s always the phone camera and I snapped a few random pics around the house.IMG_0104

Boxes, cables and lots of other stuff my wife keeps nagging about..

At least my computer is up and running and we’ve at last got a (very) decent internet connection, yayyyyyy!IMG_0105

Still the kitchen to finish, doing this myself.

And of course the contractor is (extremely) sloppy with the final touches and the last things to get ready…IMG_0103

Built a table from scrap I found in the garage, arranged our chairs around it and at least we can have a decent meal… cooked in a partly finished kitchen 😉IMG_0113

Sully found a pal already in the small village – about 300 persons living here, an incredible distance away from our workplaces (incredible for Luxembourg at least).

At least there’s some comfort in the evening… found some great Mauritian rum in a shop in the neighbourhood.IMG_0106

Of course I’ll regret this glass tomorrow morning but what the f…, you only live twice… or is it three times, don’t really remember. We’ll see.


I’ll do like Sully, roll up in bed now and just step out. Let tomorrow be another day! But I got this feeling that it will be the same shit like today, yesterday and the days before…

But one day… one day everything’s gonna be alright, as Bob said.

Thanks for reading these tired, tipsy musings.

One more thing… I feel like Steve Jobs here… There’s the view from our bedroom window. Might be worth all this trouble:IMG_0092.jpg

9 thoughts on “Time keeps on slipping…

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    1. All in all one hour and about 20 minutes. Bus, Train, Tram and some walking required… As I said, far for the average Luxembourger. Guess other people won’t think this very far.


      1. To me it seems quite a long commute. It makes 2:40 every day. At least you have time to rest in the train.

        Anyway, you blog-post appears incorrectly in WP Reader. It does not appear and links won’t direct me to the post. I had to go to your website to see it.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You have my sympathies! We are still about two months away from rebuild doing our home (after it was robbed, occupied and destroyed). Keeping on top of what the builders are doing is almost a full time job in itself.

    And I did not know that it was even possible to have such a long commute in Luxembourg. Maybe some interesting possibilities for photographs there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks… as for the floors as soon as they get a coherent color it will be OK. They messed up the colors in half of the living room. And that’s only the start…. months of fun still ahead


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