Battery Room…

That’s what the sign says!

But what the hell is a Battery Room?

As it’s in the local train station I imagine a giant array of batteries to power the trains…. no, that’s stupid!

Do they store some kind of batteries in there ?

Mysteries abound !

Do you know of other such mysterious signs ?

Do you know what this really is?

Drop me a line!

By the way, I really can’t deny I used my phone for this shot.

And thanks for passing by !

11 thoughts on “Battery Room…

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  1. Hi Frank off topic but as there have been no posts since this one I was wondering if you were OK? There have been periods of silence previously but this is the longest I can remember since I started following along. Hope all is well

    Ian R

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    1. Thanks for asking, Ian. I appreciate that!

      Doing reasonably well apart from major trouble with the house, kidney stones, general weariness and mostly age creeping up on me.

      Photography has been on a back burner, or rather growing cold those last months but there might be hope.

      Might be back (somewhat) anytime soonish.

      Best regards


  2. Sorry to hear not all going so well. I hope you have a speedy recovery and that the house comes together soon. Hang in there, look forward to normal service being resumed (as soon as we know what is normal anyway). If not up to film you’ve always got digital or the phone.

    Take care

    Ian R

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    1. Hi Pavel and happy new year to you too. I’ve been very much under the weather last year. Health not great, trouble with the house (not yet over) and unfortunately no inclination to make photos…. hope that changes this year! Lots of changes happened anyways over the last months, perhaps worth a post on my blog again….. we’ll see

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      1. Hi Frank, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Hope you will have a good year! For me far from ideal too (trubles with health and work), but I keep shooting along…


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