The Perfect Photo….

….well, according to me.

I have no idea what you might think about this one, but I really like it.

Please give me your input!

And sorry if I am mostly awol those last months… everything’s on a knife’s edge for the moment. No idea which side I’ll drop.

160721 - Kodak Tri-X - Leica IIIa - 017


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Photo….

Add yours

  1. Hi Frank
    I do enjoy your thought provoking posts and as for the “perfect photo “?…………..there is no such animal, it does not exist, you’ve got more chance of seeing the Loch Ness in your kitchen sink hahaha, although I know the perfect photo does not exist I too like countless photographers around the world am seeking it just the same.
    Keep on snapping mate.


  2. Hi Frank, good to hear from you again. I hope you’re well and things sort themselves out. Regardless of how things are or are not going hang in there and always have a means of recording that moment. You may yet find a more perfect photo. It is a nicely balanced shot though.



  3. Yes balanced. Also the shapes – vase shape vs nun (which looks like upside down vase). And nun’s bag is also of a similar shape.
    Greetings, hope to see more and enjoy your summer!


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