I’m Back… I Hope

Let’s sit down and have a little discussion!IMG_0149-2

I guess I have some ‘splaining to do, but I will not come out with all that happened in the last months all at once. I’ll try to annoy you during the next posts with all this stuff that went on… and is still going on!

Don’t know who noticed 😉 but I have made myself quite scarce. I have checked the stats of this blog several times and still there were people visiting. Perhaps hoping to find some new stuff, perhaps they just got lost in the internet and ended up here… poor souls.

So, let’s get to the real stuff.IMG_0118

I don’t have any film gear any more!

There, I said it, I confessed the most difficult thing!

Do I have to change the blog’s name now? You tell me please!

In fact, my last post was in JUNE 2019…. one year ago! One year during which much has changed. One year during which I lost my love of photography. One year during which I tried to get this love back. One year during which I failed miserably doing it.IMG_0098

And now after one year I think…. I hope I found it again, that love of making photos.

I went through a lot of personal changes, but also changes of my gear. I went from Mac to PC to Mac again. I went, as I already said, from film photography to digital photography. From Film to iPhone to digital camera.IMG_0121(modified)

Of course, and you know me, these changes were not really straightforward. I went back and forth several times. Bought stuff, sold stuff…. and finally noticed that all this was stupid.

My life is still far from back in the right track, but I’m working on it, seriously. I have to if I want to get out of this sane and alive. Well, at least there’s hope, there are plans, still half formed and vague, but they seem to take some substance. More about that stuff some later time.IMG_0089

I’ll try to detail all the changes I went through in the next days / weeks. I’ll try not to bore you to death, promised!

I’ll try to tell you of my plans and hopes. And I’ll try to post new photos as much as possible. Though this still needs some doing if I’m honest.IMG_0128

OK, now the final question is….

Shall I change the blog’s name?

You tell me please! Comments welcome!

And finally:   Good to see you again, really, honest!

And thanks for still being here after one year!

17 thoughts on “I’m Back… I Hope

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  1. Really good to have you back, Frank. I can relate a lot. It’s not been an easy photography time for me (even before the lockdown). I think you should keep the name unless you have a really good different name you want to switch to. In that case, change! Once again, welcome back and I look forward to hearing more. Now I had better bust out a camera!

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  2. Hi Frank. Good to see you back. Five years ago (or so) I thought it would be good to get back into Film, but for me it wasn’t. Luckily I hadn’t spent too much on exotic glass or bodies. At the end of the day, you do what you enjoy & if your not enjoying it, well why do it. I hate sitting in front of my mac fiddling with photo’s & just as much I hated fiddling with film & chems & temps & stuff. it just isn’t me. I was an avid film shooter but once I got my first (company provided) 2mp Kodak camera I was sold on digital & no matter how many times I’ve tried to go back it just hasn’t worked. So I reckon you should keep the name, its yours. Just do what you want to do.

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    1. Thanks Nigel! I really liked going back to these old cameras, nothing fancy, no super expensive Leica glass… but there was a lot of them coming and going.

      I liked fiddling with film, developing, even scanning was OK for some time. But yeah, I made up my mind.

      And thanks for the vote on the blog’s name.


  3. Good to have you back Frank! Maybe you can add something like – “Why use film cameras when you have digital? it can be an ongoing debate… but really its up to how you feel. Personally, I look at the pictures, stories, visual expression, it matters less to me what you use, it’s how you use it.
    Looking forward to your new work! The show must go on.

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  4. “guess who’s back, back again
    frank is back, tell a friend”

    it is weird but
    1) like you i have not been posting for a looong time too until last week and
    2) i was just wondering the other day what happened to frank and why i don’t get those notifications any more =)
    and kinda 3) while i was struggling with my feelings to photography, i thought of getting rid of all this film stuff as well, so i totally can relate to what you say. the only reason why i haven’t switched to digital yet is merely money to buy a camera. somehow shooting film is financially easier in the short run despite the reality of increasing stock prices and other expenses.

    as for the title, i agree with yuri up there and to me the name as it is now does not contradict the fact you shoot digital now.


    1. Thank you Ivan. As for the blog name I guess it’s going to stay… so one day I can go back to film 😉

      Concerning the price of digital gear, it does not have to be prohibitive. Perhaps a bit more than some plastic Canon EOS SLR but still manageable. I’ll post some piece about my current gear soon and honestly, it’s quite reasonable. A used Fuji X-E2 for under 200€ and some obscure chinese lenses with Fuji mount. But you can also use vintage glass you already have.

      Anyways, thanks!

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      1. oh, that… i guess it came out a bit too dramatic)) but it was how i felt atm.
        long story short, i’m moving my website from the self-hosted wordpress to their free .com version. i think if you were only subscribed to that site you won’t get notified after it’s closed.
        so it’s more like “the king is dead long live the king” situation. i’m not done with photography yet, not gonna happen!


  5. Hi Frank, nice to see your site pop up in my reader again.
    I don’t think your blog title is contradictory any way whatever you choose to read it. For me it’s just changed the emphasis of the question from ‘Why USE film cameras?’ to ‘WHY use film cameras?’ 😉

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  6. Wellkomm zreck Frank! I’m with Bear on this one it’s simply the emphasis that’s changed (after all I’m sure I heard somewhere that communication is 30% HOW you say something). Also if you do per chance go back to film the title is still correct. I shoot both film and digital so I it makes no odds to me. Funnily enough during the Lockdown I’ve shot more digital (largely due to being on reduced income). I was looking through some of my Lockdown shots today and the colours of some of the digital shots blew me away (I purchased a Canon EOS 200D in February). That said I still enjoy shooting film but sometimes I stagnate in one medium and switch to another that kind of helps me along. The important thing is that you are back and (I hope) all well. Stay safe and keep ’em coming. : )


  7. Hi Frank! Glad to see you back. Your post prompted me to add a brief status update to my blog, which has been moribund since December. Regarding your blog’s name, it works as well for someone who has moved from film to digital as for someone who has done the opposite.

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  8. Moien HĂ€r Lehnen,
    Schéin mol rem vun Eech ze lesen! Et ass schons eng ZÀitchen hier dass ech hei laanschtgekuckt hun, an lo mam Covid war et och nit einfach, fir keen vun eis.
    Schued dass Dir lo digital fotografĂ©iert, ech hun just de Contraire gemeet an erem nĂ«mmen analog fotografĂ©iert, meng aal Minolta’en rĂ©aktivĂ©iert an e Film dragemeet.
    Ech gĂ©if an Äerer Plaatz de Numm vum Site nĂ«t Ă€nneren, well et wees jo nie wĂ©i eng Bei een demnĂ€chst pickt ;-)!
    Ech hun de Moment eng analog Schwarz-wĂ€iss Phase, vlĂ€icht maachen ech och demnĂ€chst erem farweg Fotoen oder suguer DiaĂ«n, hun erem Iddi mat SucherkameraĂ«n oder MĂ«ttelformat ze fotografĂ©ieren…dat jee no Loscht a Laun.
    Sou kinnt et och bei Eech sin, a wee wees, vlĂ€icht gidd der awer erem nostalgesch a maacht e Film an en Apparat…
    VlĂ€icht den Zousaatz um site: “Why use Film Cameras goes digital”?

    Bescht Gréiss a bis geschwënn,

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  9. Hello Frank, nice to see you . 🙂
    Maybe change for this year and evetually when you return to film, you change it again 🙂

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