My name is Frank Lehnen, I live in Luxembourg, Europe.

Born in ’63, balding and desperately clinging to my film photography. No digital camera has been able to give me the same feeling and satisfaction as those beautiful, massive film cameras.

When I was young I longed for an Olympus OM1 or 2, but could never afford one. Now I can buy them for a pittance, have them cleaned and lubed and use them daily.

Those cameras will be around for many years (some are even being made today), and film is slowly on the rise again.

A lot of films were discontinued, but the remaining offerings are plenty, and we regularly hear news of factories reopening, film being remade – The Impossible Project and Ferrania are key examples.

Lomography, though often derided as cheap cameras sold to hipsters for large sums of money, contributed a lot to the little renaissance of film!

Don’t get too excited, though! Film is and will remain a niche market. Film is relatively expensive to use, unless you develop yourself. But if you take into account the price of the cameras, the devaluation of digital stuff and the need/urge to replace your digital cameras ever so often you’ll see that film is not that expensive.

Try it!


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    1. Yes, but a 1500$ digital camera will be worth only half in about 2 or 3 years, while the near mint Canon A-1 I just bought used for 120$ will resell for about the same price or just slightly less in 2 years.

      Good film cameras are nearly done devaluating !


  1. Came across your blog from reading on MMC as a fellow film fan and a learning one it’s great to be able to read and support you & Hamish .. I have a cannon7 with a dream lens , a 1954 Leica M3 with a 35 Summaro 2.8 and an MF Mamiya6 with 150 lens all 3 get regular use when I’m able to get out to enjoy photograph

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  2. Hello Frank, I am pleased you connected with my blog where I write about photography. My topics change weekly and I don’t really care about whether an image is captured on film or by a sensor. I just enjoy photography.
    I do like what you have to say about using film and your dedication to the medium. You can be sure I will be spending time reading your thoughts on shooting with film.

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  3. Hello Frank, Do you happen to know a place in Luxembourg where I could order slide film development? Also do process your BW stuff at home or in the lab somewhere?

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    1. Processing at home. I get my supplies from Fotoimpex in Germany. Though I thing photo Mirgain near the Post in Lx and Foto Trade on Route d’Esch have them!


  4. I am a new film photographer. I just bought myself a Olympus XA2 (easy to carry at all times) and a Konica AutoReflex TC (looked very simple for a newbie like me). My smartphone is making me stupid and dumb. So, I started a new hobby. I joined your blog today for your shared wisdom!

    Many thanks for sharing your passion with us!

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