Mystic Forest

No I have not been to a mysterious forest in parts unknown. This is just around the corner, a short 5 minute's walk away. I just wanted to play around with creating some otherworldly views from my rather bland landscape / forestscape photos. And why not! As I use a hybrid approach of film photography... Continue Reading →

Ahem… I made a mistake

In a recent post I said Ansel Adams did not print his photos himself.... awful crazy error, obviously! It was Henri Cartier Bresson of course! Sorry for that one!  

Hi-Key – Lo-Key

Two very different concepts in photography, two different ways to represent the world! Which ones do you prefer? Certainly anyone must have a preference? Or not... This is just my personal view on this topic and lo and behold, I prefer both. How that? How is this only possible? Well it's easy, I just prefer... Continue Reading →

No Cheat!

Some days ago I asked if it was allowed to cheat in photography, and your responses were as varied as welcome. In short, you think that the cheating I did was excessive... and I'm vey much OK with that. So here's a 'cloudy' photo that's totally genuine, straight out of my phone's camera. I swear... Continue Reading →

May I Cheat?

That's the big question of our digital times! But didn't the old Masters of Photography also cheat? Didn't Ansel Adams Henri Cartier Bresson (or rather his minions as he did not print his photos himself apparently - and sorry, sorry for the error!) also cheat by dodging and burning, by retouching, by tweaking the exposures and... Continue Reading →

Working a Location

Sounds a bit grand to talk about 'working a location' for a humble hobbyist photog, no? But I like to think like this when I go to a specific place I have in mind, just to explore it's photographic possibilities. As opposed to just going on a photo walk with no specific objective, just waiting... Continue Reading →

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