My Gear

I will keep this aspect of my blog rather short, though it is unfortunately subject to frequent changes as I tend to buy and sell stuff (and re-buy the same…) quite often.

I will try to keep this page up to date, for those interested.

My main cameras for the moment are:

Olympus XA2 – always in my pocket. My daily companion.IMG_0635


The Asahi Pentax Spotmatic, the ultimate photographic tool with it’s wonderful lenses. You’ll really have to try one! But I warn you, you’ll be hooked!IMG_0598


And let’s not forget those instant goodies!

I quite like my Polaroid Impulse, though I hate the cost of Impossible film… or the polaroid-impulse-afimpossible cost of instant film, as you like. Fuji Instax had been the alternative but I think they don’t know where to go with their stuff. Nice enough film, good colors but too small (Mini). The new square option comes with a f…ugly camera that’s more printer than camera. And then the cameras with their awful plastic lenses are crap! There’s alternatives from other sources such as Mint but the are expensive!

And of course my Android Phone – just too convenient as I have it always with me, even on the rare occasions when I leave the XA2 at home… or the occasions when I need color photographs or have to send them on quickly.

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