Working a Location

Sounds a bit grand to talk about 'working a location' for a humble hobbyist photog, no? But I like to think like this when I go to a specific place I have in mind, just to explore it's photographic possibilities. As opposed to just going on a photo walk with no specific objective, just waiting... Continue Reading →


Been up to no good…

...and messed around some with the site. What do you think? No, honestly! And I promise to be good and post some NEW stuff in the next days! Yayyyyyyyyy

People / No People

This will be a short one, but as you are used now to have none at all... don't complain 😉 Does street photography need the 'human element'? Or can it exist without? After all, it's called street photography, not human or people photography. So I don't think the human in the photo is that important.... Continue Reading →

Industrial Decay

When I was young, about 45 years ago, this was a newly built grain storage facility near the railway station of the nearby town where I lived. A wonder of architecture and technology in those days. Nowadays, it's still there, but it looks as if it's severely out of use. Of course the awful weather... Continue Reading →

Going exactly nowhere…

Who ripped this track apart? Might be a bit dangerous, no? By the way, these are NEW photos... Yep, I'm triggering again! But I am frightened I have to admit it's all done with my camera phone... But who cares? Oh, YOU do! Well, sorry but that's the deal now! Thanks for stopping by

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