“I want everybody to be a self-learner. I don’t believe in teaching, I believe in learning.”

Imogen Cunningham I love this quote by that wonderful lady that left us so many exceptional photographs! I won't dare to compare my stuff to her work, certianly not. But I am perfectly OK with her view. I never took photography classes (that shows, eh?), I never attended expensive seminars or such stuff offered by... Continue Reading →

May I Cheat?

That's the big question of our digital times! But didn't the old Masters of Photography also cheat? Didn't Ansel Adams Henri Cartier Bresson (or rather his minions as he did not print his photos himself apparently - and sorry, sorry for the error!) also cheat by dodging and burning, by retouching, by tweaking the exposures and... Continue Reading →

Working a Location

Sounds a bit grand to talk about 'working a location' for a humble hobbyist photog, no? But I like to think like this when I go to a specific place I have in mind, just to explore it's photographic possibilities. As opposed to just going on a photo walk with no specific objective, just waiting... Continue Reading →

Been up to no good…

...and messed around some with the site. What do you think? No, honestly! And I promise to be good and post some NEW stuff in the next days! Yayyyyyyyyy

People / No People

This will be a short one, but as you are used now to have none at all... don't complain 😉 Does street photography need the 'human element'? Or can it exist without? After all, it's called street photography, not human or people photography. So I don't think the human in the photo is that important.... Continue Reading →

Industrial Decay

When I was young, about 45 years ago, this was a newly built grain storage facility near the railway station of the nearby town where I lived. A wonder of architecture and technology in those days. Nowadays, it's still there, but it looks as if it's severely out of use. Of course the awful weather... Continue Reading →

Going exactly nowhere…

Who ripped this track apart? Might be a bit dangerous, no? By the way, these are NEW photos... Yep, I'm triggering again! But I am frightened I have to admit it's all done with my camera phone... But who cares? Oh, YOU do! Well, sorry but that's the deal now! Thanks for stopping by

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