Another City

All big cities are the same? All are agglomerations of people living in close proximity, as good as they can! The same? Not entirely! After my little trip to København, I thought about another city trip I took not too long ago. A trip to Berlin, and a trip that left entirely different impressions. Less... Continue Reading →


When I visit another country….

...I mostly see the same things I see at home. Of course, here in København there are different things but photographically, I search for the same subjects. Of course, changing one's location does not change one's view on the world. So I guess it's only natural. What's great is of course that a new city... Continue Reading →

Blur… not the Band!

Nowadays, in this world of digital autofocus perfectness (or is it perfectitude?), blur has no more place. Displaced, unwanted.... BAD! But is it THAT bad? Can we make a difference between bad and good blur, is that possible at all. I could tell you now that the photo above came out just as intended. That... Continue Reading →

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