Been up to no good…

...and messed around some with the site. What do you think? No, honestly! And I promise to be good and post some NEW stuff in the next days! Yayyyyyyyyy

People / No People

This will be a short one, but as you are used now to have none at all... don't complain šŸ˜‰ Does street photography need the 'human element'? Or can it exist without? After all, it's called street photography, not human or people photography. So I don't think the human in the photo is that important.... Continue Reading →

Industrial Decay

When I was young, about 45 years ago, this was a newly built grain storage facility near the railway station of the nearby town where I lived. A wonder of architecture and technology in those days. Nowadays, it's still there, but it looks as if it's severely out of use. Of course the awful weather... Continue Reading →

Going exactly nowhere…

Who ripped this track apart? Might be a bit dangerous, no? By the way, these are NEW photos... Yep, I'm triggering again! But I am frightened I have to admit it's all done with my camera phone... But who cares? Oh, YOU do! Well, sorry but that's the deal now! Thanks for stopping by

Told Ya!

Yep, told ya I'd be back some day! Not necessarily with new photos, cause there ain't none just yet, but I'm back with some ravings all the same! Thanks for waiting, and thanks to those who started following this blog even with no new content for ages. What am I going to be raving about... Continue Reading →

Weeks, Months fly by…

...and I promise I'll be back one day soon! Missing photography a lot but really not having any spare moment and peace of mind to immerse myself in finding photos around me. Thanks to all the faithful visitors who still honour my site with their presence!

Nearly one month!

Yes, it's been nearly one month since the last insignificant post. Just to let you all know that I'm still here, still watching though I've been much too passive those last months. But one day, one day... I'll be back! Thanks to all the faithful people who still visit my blog!

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