My Gear

I will keep this aspect of my blog rather short, though it is unfortunately subject to frequent changes as I tend to buy and sell stuff (and re-buy the same…) quite often.

I will try to keep this page up to date, for those interrested.


My main cameras for the moment are:

A Leica IIIa called Oskar (why? – Because!) with a wonderful Summitar 50mm f:2.0, a beautifully clean Jupiter 8 50mm f:2.0 and a very sharp Industar 50 50mm f:3.5

Oscar will be back from the doctor’s in a few days (as of march 23 2017) where he got a complete CLA. Hopefully he will be OK for the next 80 years now!


Olympus XA2 – always in my pocket. My daily companion.



Olympus Trip 35 – Probably the most beautiful camera ever made. And what’s more, a stunning lens with a great battery-less metering system. Compact, solid and such a joy to use!IMG_0283.jpg


The SLR:

Well, the SLRs are on their way out!


And one is on the way in…. a Nikon FM2.

Let’s see how it works out and if we can bond together. If not, there will be no more SLR’s for me.


And let’s not forget those instant goodies!

I quite like my Polaroid Impulse, though I hate the cost of Impossible film… or the polaroid-impulse-afimpossible cost of instant film, as you like. I’ll perhaps turn to Fuji Instax in the future.






And of course my iPhone 5s – just too convenient as I have it always with me, even on the rare occasions when I leave the XA2 at home… or the occasions when I need color photographs or have to send them on quickly.