Sometimes I wonder….

...if I should not try medium format one day. OK, I already used medium format cameras, albeit crappy ones. I own an Agfa Synchro Box, a family heirloom. And also a Kodak Junior 620. The problem with those cameras are the following: The Synchro Box has exactly one shutter speed, said to be around 1/30th... Continue Reading →

A Must-Read!

For anyone interested even only marginally in film photography, this is an absolute must-read! Published by Steven Dowling of Kosmo-Photo fame, it is a very precise and comprehensive overview of the state of film photography, it's future and it's challenges. And well-written too. Do yourself a favour and read it all: And thanks for... Continue Reading →

How fast do you Write?

Here's a question I'd like to address to all you fellow bloggers out there! How fast do you write? I don't mean the number of words per minute you type. What I'd like to know is how long does it take you to write a blog post? And how do you go about it? I... Continue Reading →

Searching for alternatives….

For once this is something not (entirely) photography related! If you're not interested in computers.... sorry, not for you. I'll be back with photography stuff very soon. It all began for me in 2006, when I bought my first iMac (the 17" white plastic one. Apple calls it Polycarbonate, sounds noble. I have been an... Continue Reading →

Don’t do that to them!

He brightened your living-room for days. He spread joy and good vibes. He stood guard over your presents. And now you will do THIS to him! Save the Christmas Trees! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUT THERE!

The Camera that Started it All!

I have been looking through my photos of the past years (it's end-of-year-retrospective-time anyways) and I stopped at some photos from November of 2012. And no, they are not film photos! These are photos I made with the Fuji X100 I had just bought (used) to once and for all replace my Canon DSLR gear... Continue Reading →

Remembering the Ricoh GR1

Not many words today, just remembering a great camera that I owned for a very short time in December 2016. The Ricoh GR1 I had been warned that they were notoriously unreliable (thanks Hamish). I imagined they were somewhat finicky, but I never thought it would quit on me after just 5 rolls of film.... Continue Reading →

Shooting Film, Shooting Less!

Shooting Film is said to be expensive! And it's true when you don't take into account the initial cost of a good digital camera and the recurring costs for ever newer models thereafter. Film cameras, with some exceptions (looking at you, Leica!) are cheap as chips for the most part if you don't go for... Continue Reading →

The simplest Cameras are….

I've noticed that it's been one week since I annoyed you with a new post. This can not be! So I trawled my library, lacking recent shots thanks to my foot, and came up with a nice subject. So you think you need the latest greatest cameras to do photography? Think again! What you need first... Continue Reading →

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