Planning Ahead…

Hi from Mauritius!

Just wanted to give you all an update about what we’re doing (apart from soaking up the sun…). We’re planning our future guesthouse at full speed.

Bought our plot of land and we hope our construction work will soon start with all the speed Mauritian builders can manage…. which is not all that much. But I can understand them, and I adapted my speed to the local custom.

Everything is slower, and you really savour every minute of every day.

Sunset Dark Skies, Gorgeous Light!

Anyways, Life is Good! No, not some ad for house appliances, but Life’s REALLY good here. Not everything is perfect though as rising prices due to the global shitstorm we’re experiencing have hit very hard but there’s very little complaining. People just get along with it and are confident in the future… hope they’re right!

Evening Waves in Tamarin Bay

Anyways, didn’t have time to take my real camera out with all the planning, so all this is iPhone stuff, but surprisingly good.

Door to Paradise

And I’ll certainly keep you all up to date of what’s happening in Paradise! Promised!

The Ghosts of Vines Long Gone

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