One more Walk!

I had an appointment at the hospital as I will undergo some surgery on my right foot in exactly two weeks, and I took the opportunity for a nice walk, although my foot hurt a bit. I’ll have to take it slow, photography wise in the next weeks / months as I won’t be very mobile. But I won’t leave you alone, oh no! Unfortunately you’ll have to continue listening to my ravings as I will certainly find things and old photos to bore you to death with 😉 .

170927 - Olympus XA2 - Kodak T-max 400 (31)
The Mad Hatter strikes again!

This time the Olympus XA2 accompanied me once again. My faithful travel companion! Loaded with Kodak Tmax 400.

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Praktica MTL 5 B – the Results!

First a disclaimer: I do not like the Lomography Lady Grey film! Either made by Foma, Kodak or anyone else. I don’t care. I don’t like it!170923 - Praktica MTL5B -Lomography Lady Grey (30)

That being said, it was the only roll I had lying around…. got to buy some film, really. So I loaded it into the Praktica MTL 5 B and went out for a walk. About one hour later I was back, developed and scanned the film and now, after 4 hours (no I did not spend all that time on the film!), I can write this post though I’ll only publish it tomorrow… that’s today, as you read it, but for me it’s still tomorrow….. confusing stuff!

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Shoot it like the Real Thing!

Using a digital camera like a ‘real’ one!

Let me make a quick excursion into the world of digital photography once more. An attempt I made some time ago to test out the waters of the dark side.

Modern vintage

You might already have guessed from some of my posts that I don’t own only film cameras. I came upon an incredibly good deal some time ago. A deal on a Fuji X-E1 digital mirrorless camera from a camera shop in the UK. The price was very good and the camera, when it came, was perfect. Like new. No used traces at all!

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