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Gruette 8 Eight!...... wtf?

One more Walk!

I had an appointment at the hospital as I will undergo some surgery on my right foot in exactly two weeks, and I took the opportunity for a nice walk, although my foot hurt a bit. I'll have to take it slow, photography wise in the next weeks / months as I won't be very... Continue Reading →

The Ugly Duckling…

...might be a Prince! I remember very well when I was young, about sixteen or seventeen and I hunted the Photography stores for my first SLR. The shelves were full of beautiful cameras, Olympus OM10, Canon A1, Pentax MX or Nikon FM as I remember.... beauties, all of them. Most out of my price range.... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Firsts

Google is our friend! Google finds everything! Google is the repository of humankind’s knowledge! So when I want to find something, normally photography related, I use Google. What could I want to know this time... let’s see. Ah yes: Hey Google, what was the first photograph? Google takes about a second and Google got the... Continue Reading →

Shoot it like the Real Thing!

Using a digital camera like a 'real' one! Let me make a quick excursion into the world of digital photography once more. An attempt I made some time ago to test out the waters of the dark side. You might already have guessed from some of my posts that I don't own only film cameras.... Continue Reading →

What to eat in Berlin?

Nothing photography related today, just a small piece on a place where we had a really memorable little meal in Berlin. What do you eat in Berlin? Kasseler mit Sauerkraut? Königsberger Klopse? Kohlrouladen? Apart that all those things start with a 'K' it does not sound too mouth-watering, does it? No, when you are in... Continue Reading →

Berlin – My Daido Moriyama Moment

With my deepest apologies to the Master! While we were in Berlin, the sun was beating relentlessly. Thirty degrees C (86°F) reflected from the paving. Berlin should have appeared as a brilliant, bright city to me, a city that is alive and teeming, that is full of good vibes. Alas that is not the feeling... Continue Reading →

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