Just a Word of Warning!

About one week ago Adobe put out their newest Lightroom iterations, and a faithful subscriber to their monthly photography plan I grabbed the updates. On paper, Lightroom CC - the new one, please do not mistake it for the previous Lightroom which is now called Lightroom Classic CC, confusing, isn't it? - is a very... Continue Reading →


No, that’s (unfortunately) not the number of visits on my blog 😉 It’s the serial number of my humble Pentacon 135mm f:2.8 lens. No, not the so called Bokeh Monster, the cheap one. I didn’t even notice it until I had to take the lens apart to clean the inside elements and to fix the... Continue Reading →

The weather is mocking me!

It’s been cold and wet mostly the weeks prior to my surgery, in my mobile days and now that I’m codemned to sitting at home with a maximum of 10 Minutes of staying upright per hour, the sun’s out and temps will go to an unseasonable 20 plus degrees celsius (68 F). So I have... Continue Reading →

Something New

P.S.: I reverted to the 'old' style gallery as there were too many inconsistencies with using SmugMug in conjunction with this blog. Hi all, I try something new in the GALLERY!  <-- click on this link or on the Gallery in the Menu. A link to an album I uploaded to SmugMug. Can you just... Continue Reading →

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