Just a Word of Warning!

About one week ago Adobe put out their newest Lightroom iterations, and a faithful subscriber to their monthly photography plan I grabbed the updates.Adobe_LightroomCC_MacPro_sld6-1024x635.png

On paper, Lightroom CC – the new one, please do not mistake it for the previous Lightroom which is now called Lightroom Classic CC, confusing, isn’t it? – is a very nice thing. Lightweight and fast. When I tried it out it even ran very fine on my 7 years old Mac Mini.

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“What has it got in it’s pocketses!?”

Do you know this famous outcry of Gollum when he’s unable to solve Bilbo’s unintended ‘riddle’?bilbo-and-gollum-trade-riddles

The question is a valid one. What have we got in our pocketses nowadays? I guess most of us carry a shiny square of metal/glass/plastic that has become the Swiss Army Knife of our civilisation, if I may call this sorry state a civilisation, sorry to all you Romans, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Phoenician, Maya etc out there.

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