Why I’ll buy no more color films

I once more bought a cheap pack op 3 Fuji Superia 200 films about a month ago, and I got the negatives back today. Well, what do you want me to say... you won't see any color photos here! By the way, all pictures are taken with a crappy Canon SureShot AF7 that I sacrificed... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Fifties

Fifty millimetres, the so called 'normal' lens in 35mm photography. It's a well known term, even in Inch-Countries. Where does it come from? Apparently it's the normal field of view of our eyes, but that's just plain stupid. If we had a field of view of 50mm, we would be quite embarrassed and would have... Continue Reading →

The Leica IIIa… at it again

Had a stroll in town today and brought back some photographs. This time the Summitar 50mm f:2 and a roll of Fomapan 400 came along. I definitely begin to like those Fomapan films! And by the way, I'm slowly adapting to that squinty viewfinder. At least the framing is not too bad (not too many... Continue Reading →

A walk with my Leica IIIa

Took a walk this morning with my Leica IIIa and the Jupiter 8 I just got off eBay - for once a nice surprise from a russian seller. An utterly nice lens without any flaws (apart from those inherent to these lenses). I had a roll of Tri-X in the camera, perhaps a tad to sensitive... Continue Reading →

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