The latest crop

Definitely some of my best photos happen early in the morning, when I go to work. Before 7 the city is still quiet, the light is great and sometimes all comes together to make a photograph I want to share. Of course it's nearly summer  now and even before 7 a.m. the sun is up... Continue Reading →

Black and White is better!

I just state this bluntly. I like the look of it more than color, and not because it's supposed to be 'artsy'. I have just come to see the world in black and white. When I see an interesting scene I immediately imagine it in contrasty black and white. Can't help it! These are the results... Continue Reading →

It’s Official….

...I don't like developing color film! Some time ago I bought a C41 development kit and a handful of cheap color film (Fuji Superia 200) and those last weeks / months, I have shot all but one of them. I used my Olympus Trip 35, the XA2 and even the now gone Canon A-1 with those... Continue Reading →

Tripping with the Trip 35

I just noticed that since I wrote this post about my 'new' Olympus Trip 35 in mid-march I have hardly published anything about it. Just the Castle pics from some days back. Well, this can be mended! I did indeed use it those last days and the results are quite pleasing... to my humble taste at least.... Continue Reading →

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