That phone…

I've been talking about the iPhone in yesterday's post and today I'd like to just have a sad little thought about all the people who walk through life with their eyes glued to a tiny screen. They say that there have never in history of humankind been taken as many photographs as now and I... Continue Reading →

Flowers for you…

As much as I love my film cameras, I have to admit that though I often carry one (well, most of the time actually), There are times when it's just more convenient to use the damn thing that's always in your hand: The iPhone In fact it's the only digital camera I use currently, and... Continue Reading →

Stay Sharp?

Sharpness! A concept that has taken a very important position in modern photography. Never has anything given us as sharp pictures as modern digital sensors. Never have the lenses been as sharp as today.... sharpness, so the photography businesses make us believe, is the most important aspect of any photograph.But is sharpness all it takes... Continue Reading →

Empty Café

Street photography is all about people! Interactions with people, stories told in a quick photograph. But in my eyes,  street photography is more than that. It's about our environment, it's about the feelings a setting conveys to us. It's not necessarily about the people but about the environment those people evolve in. It does not necessarily... Continue Reading →

When something happens… be there!

A moment like this is always rare. Just sometimes at the right moment you are at the right spot, the sun is at the right angle and there's something moderately interresting happening. All these are the ingredients of a passable photograph.But to capture these moments you have to go out, you have to be in... Continue Reading →

Please let me out!! A rant…

This is for once a post without pictures because unless using prison-photographs I don't know how to illustrate this rant.I thought long and hard in the last days. I thought about the Adobe offerings of Lightroom and Photoshop and their monthly cost. Fact is, I use Photoshop hardly at all. It is there, part of... Continue Reading →

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