Development gone Wrong

Some time ago I wrote a Blog Post called ‘From the Darkroom Floor‘ where I tell that sometimes you HAVE to scan and use all the frames on your film. You never know what those few messed up things can hide, not from viewing the negative.

But when you mess up a whole roll of film….. bummer! No nice ones to be proud of, no hidden few treasures on the roll, just some underdeveloped mess. 170430 - Canon A-1 - Ilford HP5 (5)

Don’t ask me what went wrong! I shot this roll of HP5 pushed to 3200 ISO (yeah, might be a clue there) and as usual I stand developed it in Rodinal. Never went wrong, never missed…. until yesterday. Continue reading

Trashy Mood, and an Unexpected Kick!

Yesterday I was in a trashy mood! Well, not only yesterday, but for some time now I haven’t made a lot of photographs though I always carry a camera with me. Every morning I tell myself that during lunch hour I’ll take a stroll and shoot a roll of film, but every day at noon I find myself lazing behind my desk with a book or browsing the net…

170422 - Olympus XA2 - Ilford HP5 (1)
Black Mood

But yesterday I had a kick! Continue reading

Bye bye Canon A-1

I have finished the last roll of film in my Canon A-1 which is really one of the most good looking cameras I’ve ever owned. IMG_0631

Not only is it pleasing to the eye but it’s also a real joy to shoot. And as a matter of fact it produces some extraordinarily well exposed photos.

In fact, by the time this camera came out, Canon had their exposure system well tuned. The old fashioned (even for the time) horizontal cloth shutter was terribly reliable, the computerised exposure system was spot on and can handle the trickiest situations. And it even can do so now, after nearly 40 years. Continue reading

Printing our Memories!

This week I stumbled upon a website I did not know before…. OK you say, happens all he time, and you are right. The point I want to make is that it’s a special site, for me at least.

You see, I’ve been living in Mauritius for two and a half year from 2007 on and as an amateur photographer (still digital in those days) I would have gone crazy about this museum.PMM

A great place for film and photography, existing since 1966 in Mauritius and I didn’t even know!  Continue reading