Development gone Wrong

Some time ago I wrote a Blog Post called 'From the Darkroom Floor' where I tell that sometimes you HAVE to scan and use all the frames on your film. You never know what those few messed up things can hide, not from viewing the negative. But when you mess up a whole roll of... Continue Reading →

Medieval Castle – Modern use!

This week I will post a little touristic thing, nothing deep and thought provoking ;-). I'll just take you on a tour through a medieval castle here in Luxembourg, all in black and white. Last weekend we took a drive through Luxembourg, on the lookout for a possible plot of land for a new home.... Continue Reading →

Trashy Mood, and an Unexpected Kick!

Yesterday I was in a trashy mood! Well, not only yesterday, but for some time now I haven't made a lot of photographs though I always carry a camera with me. Each morning I tell myself that during lunch hour I'll take a stroll and shoot a roll of film, but every day at noon I find myself lazing behind my desk with a book or browsing the net...

Bye bye Canon A-1

I have finished the last roll of film in my Canon A-1 which is really one of the most good looking cameras I've ever owned.  Not only is it pleasing to the eye but it's also a real joy to shoot. And as a matter of fact it produces some extraordinarily well exposed photos. In fact,... Continue Reading →

This Photo makes me a Criminal!

This is the tower of the Railway Station in Luxembourg City, a historical building. The tower is the main subject of the photograph, there's no one making silly poses in front of it, it's no stupid selfie.... and this picture, presented on my humble blog is outlawed here in Luxembourg! But it's not only photography... Continue Reading →

Impressions from last Winter

The last winter was not exceptionally cold, not exceptionally long, it was just winter. A bleak and colourless season, made for black and white photography. Not far from the place we're living for the moment I caught these sights with my trusty Olympus XA2. Some days ago, spring seemed to have arrive at last here in Luxembourg,... Continue Reading →

Printing our Memories!

This week I stumbled upon a website I did not know before.... OK you say, happens all he time, and you are right. The point I want to make is that it's a special site, for me at least. You see, I've been living in Mauritius for two and a half year from 2007 on... Continue Reading →

Generation Art – The Final

Just one photo today, one that represents a great experience in my life: No other photos though the final of Generation Art, Photo Edition has just ended with the well deserved win of a great young photographer, Bruno. His very personal approach to photography, his sensibility and yes, his simplicity has won the day to him...... Continue Reading →

Oscar in Action!

At last Oscar is back and the first 'real' film that was not just some test shots is developed. Black and White of course! I must say that the camera works beautifully, the wind mechanism is smooth as butter, the shutter sounds terrible great, satisfying even and everything feels like.... well like it must have... Continue Reading →

Oscar the Leica IIIa is back!

Yes, after over a month he is back from the doctor's! And he's in great shape. Freshly cleaned, lubed and adjusted by masters of the art of camera maintenance, Will van Manen and his wife Cathy Kuiper from Kamera Service in the Netherlands. I can only recommend their work and the clear and transparent way they... Continue Reading →

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