The decision is made: Impossible Film !

Some days ago I was wondering which of Fuji's Instax offerings or Impossible's rehash of Polaroid film would suit me better. Well, the decision is done, it will be Impossible Film with a nice old Polaroid camera. Why did I go for this solution? First, the Fuji Instax cameras are really not great - best... Continue Reading →

Do Digital Pictures Just Suck?

No pictures for this post! No pictures because I have just skimmed through 5 years worth of pictures in my Apple Photos library, containing all my digital stuff, to find something interesting to talk about. I didn't find any picture that inspired me to write something about it. But I found a subject for today's... Continue Reading →

Same subject, two views

STOP, this is not a rant against digital, against film or one of those boring posts trying to convince the world that one of them is better. That's plain stupid, as everyone knows clearly that film is way better than digital! (wink, wink) I just like my cameras with those cool film canisters inside, all... Continue Reading →

It’s Back at last!

I was a fool, a bloody fool, some months ago! I sold my preferred camera, and I have regretted it ever since. What is that camera? A Leica? Some incredible SLR, perhaps the OM1? Or is it a medium fomat Hasselblad? No, it's small, diminutive, exceedingly well made, stylish and above all pocketable! It's the... Continue Reading →

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