Creating a Photo Book

Some weeks ago I took up the offer from SAAL DIGITAL I saw on Facebook to create a free photo book in exchange for a review on my blog. I have seen a number of those reviews in the passing weeks and I just want to add mine to the fray. And just to make... Continue Reading →

Some from the Streets.

Hello everyone, I just want to show some photos from the last days, takes with the camera that lives in my pocket... the iPhone. Definitely the best way to wait for the bus... bring your own chairs! By the way, the guys got on the bus WITH the chairs later.... Also waiting for the bus...... Continue Reading →

Synthesis, live in Luxembourg City

Photography is my greatest passion... but just behind comes music. And above all if said music involves my daughter. Sometimes I am lucky to combine both passions and have a terrific evening... and not enough film, unfortunately. So this time no silly roll-fillers. Yesterday started the yearly 'Fête de la Musique' in Luxembourg City, with... Continue Reading →

The roll-fillers!

Nothing exciting here, just the photos you make to fill a roll. Just imagine, you're home, you got some time on your hands and a roll of film thats nearly full and you'd like to develop it. But you're a cheapskate and don't like to waste those shots like me. So this post is about... Continue Reading →

Just a Summer Day’s Walk

We took a stroll yesterday. Well, not really a stroll in these very high temperatures with an unforgiving sun beating down on my poor bald head (Gotta get me a hat, keep forgetting!) It has been unseasonably hot all over Europe those last days and the weather strongly reminded me of the time we spent... Continue Reading →

The most important thing…. Street Photography you ask? Well, that's a difficult question! There's lots of important things in Street Photography (notice how I capitalise the words!). There's obviously the camera! Must be a Leica! Sure about that... or not? Must be at least a rangefinder... weeeelllll, not so sure about that one either! An SLR will do... Continue Reading →

Do a good deed today!

Yes, please, do something good and support THIS PETITION to save the magnificent Google NIK Collection of photography tools! One a commercial software that cost about 500$ and was well worth it, it was acquired by Google in 2012. They did a great job in bringing down the price to little more than 100$. Thanks... Continue Reading →

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