Color or Black & White Processing

...and no, this is not about the use of these two film types. This is rather about how I process the negatives. More precisely about the difference of said processing. As you might know, despite a nice and promising test with bathroom-turned-darkroom-printing some months back, time and space force me to rely on scanning my... Continue Reading →

He’s Back!

Yes, one more cheer for good old Kodak! They bring back T-max 3200. In fact a 800 ISO film that can be easily pushed to 3200 ISO and even more. Seems that for every film Fuji is axing, Kodak brings one back. Read more HERE on! As Droopy used to say: 'You know what,... Continue Reading →

Winter’s Colors

While I'm working on a longish post detailing my processing I just wanted to ramble on a bit about my perception of Winter's Colors. While it's true that I prefer black and white images in harsh sunlight, winter has always inspired me with it's muted colours. Some (most) might say that winter is the time... Continue Reading →

The Bright Side of Winter

My last post got some nice comments, and one of them, by ronian42 reminded me that winter is also the moment of nice, bright, low sunlight, lending structure and definition to any mundane objects. How very true! The only problem is that you have to be ready for that ray of light. Grey and overcast are... Continue Reading →

Winter is Fading…

Seems that at last this wet and sloppy winter is starting to go away. Of course it will try to show that it's still with us for some time, but it's certainly on the way out. What we are left with is a long row of wet, cool soggy days... But then, spring will be... Continue Reading →

Cold and Dark

So some of you wanted me to make more snow photos in the comments to this post... Of course I will comply. I will do anything for you... within limits. And the limits were quite surpassed this morning. A QUARTER PAST SIX, MINUS 7 DEGREES Celsius... Imagine that, you sent me out in the dark and... Continue Reading →

About a Camera… again!

Yes, this is again about one of my three remaining cameras. About the smallest of them and the one I took most of my preferred photos with. The glorious Olympus XA2 Of course I could go on about it's great, sharp lens. About it's very accurate exposure system. But the XA2 is not about that.... Continue Reading →

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