Expired Film

Not a rant, but a quick look into the situation of film photography in 2017.

This is the first part of a review covering film and cameras, the second part following very soon.

All the photos in this post are shot on expired film….

170826 - Canon EOS 650 - Kodak Farbwelt 200 (exp) (11)
My garage…. NOT

I thought about this post when I read Stephen Dowlings very excellent piece about the film options that we film photographers have nowadays. You can read it here on KOSMOPHOTO.CO.UK.

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The Mighty Camera Shootout

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I present to you….

In the left corner, at eleven hundred and fifty grams, the title holder, the mighty Canon T90. Veteran of many fights, the most complete of his generation…..

T90 vs. EOS 650

aaaaand in the right corner, at eight hundred and ninety grams, the Challenger! Young EOS 650, out to wrestle the golden belt from it’s predecessor.

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