Why I deleted my Flickr account

Yes, I did it! I deleted my Flickr account! I did it because I was tired of having always the same persons (no bad feelings! Thanks for faving my pictures) fave all my pictures immediately after I posted them. No evaluating the pics, no real involvement there. They just faved EVERYTHING. And always hunting for more... Continue Reading →

Travelling Snappy….

I just wanted to let you know that Snappy sent some pictures from Toronto, Canada. Head over to https://travellingsnappy.wordpress.com/2016/03/27/hi-from-toronto/ to take a look! Have fun!

The right tool for the Job

Why do we fall for certain cameras? "The camera does not mater, it's the photographer!" "The camera is just a box with a lens!" We all heard this, we all nodded wisely and went on arguing about one camera's merits versus another. But why do we chose one specific camera over others. Where is the... Continue Reading →

When G.A.S. Attacks…

What to do when G.A.S. attacks? What can I do when another Gear Acquisition Syndrome rears it's ugly head? I am usually sucked in by all those gear oriented sites on the net. I fall for every new kid... no, camera on the block and start imagining how that new piece of gear will improve... Continue Reading →

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