Shoot it like the Real Thing!

Using a digital camera like a ‘real’ one!

Let me make a quick excursion into the world of digital photography once more. An attempt I made some time ago to test out the waters of the dark side.

Modern vintage

You might already have guessed from some of my posts that I don’t own only film cameras. I came upon an incredibly good deal some time ago. A deal on a Fuji X-E1 digital mirrorless camera from a camera shop in the UK. The price was very good and the camera, when it came, was perfect. Like new. No used traces at all!

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What to eat in Berlin?

Nothing photography related today, just a small piece on a place where we had a really memorable little meal in Berlin.

What do you eat in Berlin?

Kasseler mit Sauerkraut? Königsberger Klopse? Kohlrouladen?

Apart that all those things start with a ‘K’ it does not sound too mouth-watering, does it?

No, when you are in Berlin, by all means….. eat Vietnamese!

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Berlin in Color !

Yep, no black and white yet!

I’ve been developing and scanning like mad to get my films ready for a post but the black and white stuff will still take some time.

170901 - Olympus XA2 -Fuji Superia 200 (25).jpg
Of course, no Berlin visit without the ‘Fernsehturm’ (TV Tower)

So for the moment here are my color impressions of Berlin. It’s just the last 24 exposures of the film that was already in my XA2 and I don’t want to waste anything, ever.

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