One more Reason why I prefer Film

I was out and about with my Leica IIIa with a never before tried film emulsion, Kodak Tmax 400. Heard saying that it was nice stuff with finer grain than my ‘normal’ HP5 or Tri-X and I wanted to test it out.170628 - Leica IIIa - Kodak Tmax 400 (2)

For the first 20 frames I had my super sharp Industar 50 lens on the camera. It’s by far the sharpest lens I have for my IIIa and would be perfect but for those flares…. It’s a coated version but it flares in direct sunlight.

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Creating a Photo Book

Some weeks ago I took up the offer from SAAL DIGITAL I saw on Facebook to create a free photo book in exchange for a review on my blog. I have seen a number of those reviews in the passing weeks and I just want to add mine to the fray.IMG_0157

And just to make it really clear, the offer was not bound to a positive review and I’m not in any way affiliated with SAAL DIGITAL!

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