One Answer…

…to my post of last sunday!

First I’d like to address a comment from Kris. I did not use the iPhone for the digital shots but a Fuji X-E1 with my Canon FD 28mm lens, making a nice perfect normal 42mm equivalent on the APS-C sensor.

What’s more, the old glass gives a less clinical look to the digital files, less than the near perfect Fujinon lenses.

And then, to get you off the scent a bit, I treated the digital files to a bit of digital grain in Lightroom…. yes I know, Despicable Me, hehehe…

Now the compression the files went through while posting on my blog, both film and digital gives artefacts on both types. And of course, the film photos were scanned so they are essentially digital too. But nonetheless the film character normally shines through.

Anyways, a lot of you got it right! Congratulations, you earned yourselves a virtual… digital… shoulder pat!

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