Come to the Dark Side, We have Cookies!

The dark side has called out to me for a long time. It has lured me in sometimes and I always resisted… but I think this time I’m gone!FXE11510

What dark side you ask?

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It’s Official….

…I don’t like developing color film!

170520 - Olympus Trip 35 - Fuji Superia 200 (20)
Silhouettes in the mist

Some time ago I bought a C41 development kit and a handful of cheap color film (Fuji Superia 200) and those last weeks / months, I have shot all but one of them. I used my Olympus Trip 35, the XA2 and even the now gone Canon A-1 with those films.

And I have developed them! These are the results fresh out of the Olympus Trip 35: Continue reading