One Week with the iPhone

Thanks to fellow blogger Dan James of 35hunter fame, I committed to spending a whole week with my iPhone as my only camera.

This resulted from a nice discussion we had about this post of mine.

iPhone photo – Didn’t touch that one, I swear!

So it’s one week without taking up any real camera, just with that slippery slab of aluminium and glass in hand. He thinks I will come to like using it. I swear that guy will make me switch to digital 😉

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A bunch of Fifties! Pixel peeping!

Having multiple cameras and camera systems brings you without fail to owning multiple lenses of the same focal length – unless you concentrate on compact cameras with fixed lenses of course.

I reduced my camera stable to Pentax M42 and Leica M39 thread mount stuff. But of course for each systems I have a selection of the compulsory 50mm lenses. Not a comprehensive collection but only four in fact I got hold of over the past months and years.IMG_0693.jpg

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The Best Camera is NOT the one You have with You!

I think it was good old Ansel Adams8100442-234x300 who said that ‘the best camera is the one you have with you’

Heaven forbid that I could doubt the wisdom of such a master photographer, but in this point, to my very humble opinion, I think he was wrong.

In many years of G.A.S. driven camera changes I have noticed one thing. It might only be true for myself but I think it’s pretty relevant.

If the best camera was the one that’s always with me I’d need no specific camera!

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