Printing the Hell out of the iPhone

People (Know who I mean, Dan!) have asked me to see how the iPhone’s image quality held up when printing HUGE!

I don’t have a printer capable of these huge outputs, not even A3….

My crappy Canon printer manages A4 at most. And by the way, it cost less than a set of new original ink cartridges for it. Just to say!

Original photo

So what I did is, I cropped a photo with nice structures so it shows roughly a quarter of the full frame.

Cropped to about ¼

That would make a print of about 600 x 400 mm. Sorry Dan, not the 800×600 you wanted but the best I can manage.

Now we’ll have to take into account the mediocre print quality of my printer and of course, I had to ‘scan’ the print again with the iPhone.

But I think the results are pretty impressive. The 12 megapixels of the iPhone make for a very nice quality, even printed out BIG.

Printed and ‘scanned’ again with the same iPhone

Not the same deal by a large margin of course but I think that IF I had a better printer and IF I could show you the real print that’s quite a bit better than the copy I can show here we might say that the quality of an iPhone photo is good. Very good even.

And that’s me, Mister Film himself saying it!

Now I’d have to try with a real professional print of the cropped photo to be able to judge. But considering that (unless you’re a hopeless pixel peeper) you won’t look at a big print like this with your nose on the paper, the result seems extremely good.

No, the iPhone will never be my go-to camera, but it’s totally able to produce very good results that stand up to major magnifications.

Thanks for reading this gear post! I limited myself to photo only those last weeks but well, can’t help myself 😉