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Thoughts on Travelling

During my recent short trip to Romania I had some thoughts about modern travel. Herded through check in, safety control, border check. Now on to the queue at the boarding gate and into a hopelessly cramped plane. Then after landing, the same ordeal in reverse. Shouldn't the flight itself be already a part of your... Continue Reading →

Printing the Hell out of the iPhone

People (Know who I mean, Dan!) have asked me to see how the iPhone's image quality held up when printing HUGE! I don't have a printer capable of these huge outputs, not even A3.... My crappy Canon printer manages A4 at most. And by the way, it cost less than a set of new original... Continue Reading →

Menacing Weather in Romania

I spent two days in Romania last week. Unfortunately I had no time for ‘real’ photography and the iPhone had to serve as my camera. I think it did it’s job admirably. Here I was on a mountain road in the north of Romania. Magnificent landscapes spread as far as I could see. All under... Continue Reading →

Krazy Kat

I guess if you want to generate traffic on your site you have to show off cat photos! So here we go: Sully the Cat In a very typical pose. He's called Sully from Suleiman the Magnificent, being a persian and all... Silly Sully Thanks for stopping by!

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