Luxembourg City – what catches my eye?

Today, let me take you an a little walk through Luxembourg City. Tiny capital of my tiny country, just a tad over 100.000 inhabitants in the city. Not many people, but great history and great views! Houses over a hundred years old, renovated and like new, hugging the valley's side just below the glass palaces... Continue Reading →

Walking home from work.

As much as I like Ilford's HP5+ film for it's flexibility, it's grain and nice contrast, I sometimes fall back to ISO 100 film, and what can be better (and cheaper) than Foma's Fomapan 100. A lovely emulsion that gives you such nice contrasts and shades of gray as these. On days like this one... Continue Reading →

A less than perfect photo…

...but still it has something very interesting. The story behind it is this: I had just finished building my very own pinhole lens and of course I wanted to try it out immediately. Problem is I didn't have y tripod yet and at a measured shutter speed of about 1/2 second at f:145 in this... Continue Reading →

More from the XA2

The latest roll shot with my XA2 yielded some more photos that I like. Just to say once more how I admire the sharpness and rendering of that fantastic, tiny lens. Of course the scans can't render all the complexity of the negatives and the downsized files presented here do not help either. Hard to... Continue Reading →

The best lens ever!

I took my Olympus XA2 for a spin the last week and what can I say? This camera always makes me smile. It's tiny, fits my pocket and does not weigh me down. And at the same time it is such a wonderful package. Exposure is usually spot on, in any conditions, but above all, the lens... Continue Reading →

The Leica IIIa Pinhole Edition…. Results!

I developed the roll of film from my Leica IIIa shot entirely with my new pinhole lens 2 days ago and at last I have been able to scan the negatives. They mostly are OK, but well.... they are Pinholey of course. Unsharp, fuzzy, sometimes dreamlike... interresting! Of course I did work these negatives a bit in... Continue Reading →

The Leica IIIa Pinhole Edition

I have had the intention to do some pinhole photography for some time now and some weeks ago I took the plunge and ordered a beautiful wooden pinhole camera from Elvis Halilović at Ondu in Slovenia. I went for a standard 135 model as I would be able to scan the negatives on my dedicated film... Continue Reading →

Stairs at Night

Stairs are always good for a photo, don't you think? They are leading us somewhere. Up? Down? Where exactly? By night they take on a life of their own and become REAL! People appear, people use them, they serve a purpose. Stairs, always a treat to chatch them dong their thing!  

Compact Camera!

Nearly one month ago I published this post, extolling the virtues of 3 compact cameras, the Contax Tvs, The Ricoh GR1 and the Olympus XA2.Well, this was then, and now is now! And now only the good old trusty XA2 remains in my camera stable. What has happened? Well, first of all, the Ricoh broke... Continue Reading →

Rainy Days in 2017

People keep their heads down.Don't look up! Freezing cold rain on the pavement.Walking fast, not staying long! Looking for shelter...Winter!

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