Boats are such an easy subject…

When you live near the sea or even a river or lake, and if you are a photographer, you can’t evade the siren call of boats.

And if you happen to live in a place such as Mauritius, this is even better! What I like best are those sometimes derelict wooden boats, some abandoned, some still working.

These photos have been made at the small, beautiful village of Le Morne in the extreme south-west of Mauritius. A small fishing village, quite far from all the tourist excitation.

No, not so far as there are some major hotels on the peninsula just at the right or the above photo. But that’s Mauritius, from tourist ‘heaven’ to original local life there’s just a few hundred meters.

My favourite of the day is this smart craft below!

Looking great, ready to sail the lagoons. I’d love to own one like this but hey, I better think of our future home first, no? There are priorities in life.

Unfortunately, some of the boats won’t ever take to the sea again, but they always make for a great photograph.


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