The Long Silence

I have not posted anything for several days now, not that I'm afraid to bore you to death (or do I?), but because we will be moving house next week. So it's boxes for me, packing, hauling.... Once we'll be settled I'll certainly be back! While you wait, here are some photos... See you soon!

Latest Pictures from the Leica IIIa

Here are some more photographs taken with my great Leica IIIa. This camera does not stop making me wonder how I have managed before. It's such a great feeling thing, and yes, I know I said I would not talk gear any more, but this is not about vulgar gear. It's about a camera that simply... Continue Reading →

No Pictures Today….

I won't post any pictures today! Just one thing to tell you that I virtually convinced myself to accept an invitation to participate in a photo competition hosted by the local TV network in Luxembourg, RTL! That was a hard decision, and perhaps a pint of beer helped some. My family urged me some weeks... Continue Reading →

Cool guys

On my lunch break I pass here very often. There will always be some guys hanging around, begging, or just having some good time in the sun.


You  don't have to look far to find something to photograph! I am certain of this. Just keep your eyes open and some photo will call out to you: Nothing really thrilling, but it's got something that works for me.

My daughter’s tatoos

My daughter Naomi is really fond of tatoos, and her latest one is quite intriguing. A puppeteer's hand, moving her around?? She's not the kind to let herself be directed by some force - she's quite strong minded, so I don't really understand the meaning....unless she's the puppeteer!

Some more photos…

I am dreadfully sorry but I have to pesent some more iPhone photos here. No film, but I have to make amends: These are troubled times  (again) and I just have the courage to sometimes raise my iPhone and make a shot. Here are the results: 

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