Generation Art – The Fourth Challenge

After last weeks terrible experience, this challenge was to be something I like. Well up to now I liked doing it in daytime. The theme was this time ‘Night Photography’ and more specifically, Luxembourg by Night.gart4-leica-003

We met this time on friday evening, 8 pm at the local railway station and were given the subject of the weekend. Now, photographing my city is not new to me – it’s in fact something I like a lot. What I have seldom done is photographing it by night. Happy digital people who can simply rack up ISO and don’t bother any more. I had to think a bit before setting ISO to 3200 on an Ilford HP5 and trying my luck.  Continue reading

Paralysis of Choice or why I love Analog

I think I finally made out the WHY in! The site’s name came to me as I pondered over really why I like film and it’s gorgeous cameras. It was obvious to me that I loved them, but less obvious to pinpoint the reason to it.AE-1

A word of warning first! I am not a luddite by any means. I love my iPhone, I love my computer and use them daily with great pleasure. I love the convenience of having access to virtually all the world’s knowledge, facts, and even ‘alternate facts’ according to some strange individuals, at the tap of a finger, anywhere! When in man’s history has this been possible? Continue reading

Generation Art – The Third Challenge

I have to be honest, this is the one I feared. This is the one where I needed to overcome myself and to just take the risk.

This challenge was for me, and I think I can safely speak for most of my colleagues, the toughest so far. But at the same time, it was the most fascinating for me… certainly not because of the theme!

Which was…… N. U. D. E. as in no clothes…..

All started very nicely on that saturday morning. The jury for the challenge were people doing something I’d love to do one day. Joël Nepper and Séverine Peiffer from Lanterne Magique.

They are working exclusively (and professionnally) with large format cameras (and when I say large format it’s the real things!), and ye olde colloidon process.

So they arrived with their gear, camera, portable dark room and all and set up shop. And then they announced the challenge. First reaction from us all… SILENCE. Then a collective moan. Just following that came one thought: I need a model!!!!

Interlude: The fun part, but always with that nude threat in my brain, was watching them setting up their gear, demonstrating the techniques, explaining… and giving me an extraordinary envy to book a course with them soon – will be done later this year.gart3-006 Continue reading

More from the Second Challenge

I don’t shoot a lot of frames, film is expensive, film makes you think! You can’t chimp, delete, start again.gart2-004

So the number of frames that came from my second ‘Generation Art’ challenge is quite minimalistic. In all I took…. let me see (switches to the photo library, counts…) 20 photos! Yes thats like a two and a zero TWENTY only! Continue reading