Finders Keepers – But how many?

I have always wondered if my threshold for keepers in a roll of film is high or low. I always tend to like quite a bit of photos from one roll, and that makes me wonder... So I decided to try a thing: Here I submit to your critical eyes a whole roll, fresh from... Continue Reading →

Beauty and the Beast: Canon A-1 vs T90

Canon had the F1, their crushing answer to Nikon's F-cameras. Developed to outdo and best Nikon in every field (well, they had to if they wanted to keep existing as a professional's choice!). They succeeded with this formidable camera. But there were others too, more designed to appeal to the enlightened amateurs. Best known were... Continue Reading →

Sunday Afternoon Walk around Home

Last Sunday I went for a photo-stroll around my home. Nothing grand here, just some pictures for you to enjoy (or not). I took my beautiful Canon A-1 with the very fine 28mm f:2.8 lens, a roll of HP5+..... Here are the results, well, some of them. Would you like to accompany me for this... Continue Reading →

A Stroll around the National Museum

This happened some days ago.During my lunch break I took a stroll in the old city of Luxembourg, around the National Museum with my faithful Lomo LC-A+ (well, faithful... we'll see).A very ancient quarter, being renovated currently and offering a spectacular mix of old and new. This is a speciality in Luxembourg city, which is... Continue Reading →

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