Generation Art – The Eighth Challenge

Yes, it's the eighth challenge, the last one before the final where the 3 remaining candidates will fight it out. And it's the one challenge I really hated to miss: Analog Photography! My comrades were quite bewildered when they were given those strange analog cameras. They were completely out of their ballpark and had to... Continue Reading →

Wet Printing at last!

Yes, I know today is the 8th Challenge of that Generation Art thing, but I have something else to tell you, something important! Generation Art will have to wait until tomorrow! I did my very first wet printing! I did announce that I'd do it some time ago already in this post, and at last,... Continue Reading →

Olympus Trip 35 – The Photos

Last week I talked about the most beautiful camera ever. But what worth is a camera if it doesn't deliver on it's promises? So I took my freshly dressed Olympus Trip 35 and loaded a cheap color film, some Fuji Superia 200. Yes, color again, though I think I won't keep up that bad habit. All... Continue Reading →

Generation Art – The Sixth Challenge

Yes, this was the sixth challenge, the first one where I was not participating. I watched it tonight and saw my colleagues, my friends battling to stay in the game and secretly I said to myself 'good that I had to leave last week!'. Honestly, last week's challenge was tough for me as my old... Continue Reading →

The Most Beautiful Camera – Ever!

Yes, daddy's got a new toy! I had one once, quite some time ago, and unfortunately, during a tough time when I was wavering in my belief in film photography I sold it. It was stunning, clad in red lizard skin leather, clean and shining. I regretted selling it ever since. Just a week ago... Continue Reading →

Going completely Analog!

Yes, the moment has come! A month ago my brother in law... ...gave me his great Omega enlarger with a boatload of stuff. He hasn't used the gear in the last 20 years, and it showed! So two weeks ago I cleaned everything up thoroughly (noting a happy bunch of fungus growing in the enlarger's... Continue Reading →

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