A farewell to Film

Yes, the final Hurrah for film photography from me. And I wanted to let film go out with a bang.

I took my final film camera, a trusty Canon AE-1 to Mauritius, with a dozen rolls of film, to see what could be done. And there was a lot to do. A lot to photograph and a lot to…. regret having brought a film camera.

Really, I had regrets as there were situations where a digital camera would clearly have been of more use. See I started to think logically. To question the whole film thing and it’s place in today’s world.

Clearly, I have come to the conclusion that film, for me, has had it’s use. That it has had it’s days and made me go forward with photography.

But now, new things will happen in my life and great change will be here soon and Film will be most impractical and cumbersome in the future.

No regrets, no going back this time. I will think warmly back to my film days and to the beautifully tactile cameras that go with it but my life will be taking a turn and I’ll look to the future.

….but more of that later!



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  1. Hi Frank,

    Well, that is a pity. You really will have to state what is “impractical and cumbersome” about taking a film camera with you. I see neither aspect as a problem. That said, I use both analogue and digital cameras and usually take one of each when going on holiday.

    Yesterday I took a digital camera with a manual lens with me to photograph the local Christmas market. Given how cold it was, the setup was impractical, even with my special gloves. It was hard work checking the focus as the focus point kept on changing and it was difficult to operate the appropriate buttons. My OM2n set to aperture priority and with a EI 400 film would have been less hassle.

    I enjoyed your photos!

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  2. Did you really need to take a dozen rolls, I wonder? Did you use them all? Even so how would digital have helped you beyond that modest weight, compared with carrying spare batteries, plug and charger for a digital? Sure, digital is more “convenient” but it can make one less choosy of what photos are made. An expensive trip like that surely would have been worth a couple of rolls of Ektachome. In my view people in the past often took greater care over what photos they took as they had fewer exposures at their disposal. Less is more, as they say…

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  3. I am intrigued Frank. I shoot both film and digital. Both have advantages, but at the end of the day the recording medium is just one of the tools at the photographers disposal. I think that film is a more tactile immersive experience involving 4 of our 5 senses compared to digital. It also teaches an individual care and patience 2 commendable qualities. However what I feel is important is that we continue to take photos regardless of the media/device that we use. It’s good that you’re posting again Frank and I look forward to what’s coming next.

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