I just can’t get enough!

OK, I know I said I'd not develop any color film again and here I go and buy another color development kit. I's just that I love black and white but some days you got to have some color in your life! Those last weeks, when I was going to work by bus I pass a... Continue Reading →


...since my last post! Shucks! Time flies! And honestly, not much to report in summertime. And I'm a bit stuck photography-wise for the moment. There seems to be always something else keeping me from going out with a camera! Just now, during my lunch break it seems that I absolutely have to write a rather... Continue Reading →

Going to work…. again

Yes, I'm not yet retired! Waiting for it, it's true, but not yet there. Still about 10 years to go... So I'm still going to work each morning. Of course it's more or less the same way I take... I'm getting old, so I have my preferences. But each morning is different. Luckily! It's not... Continue Reading →

Featured on ‘Physical Grain’

I'm lucky to have a photo featured on the excellent PHYSICAL GRAIN website! Ray Larose offers the great opportunity to any film photographer to show off a photo with some background information. And while you take a look and perhaps submit one of your photos, stop by his personal website too! Great photography, great cameras... Continue Reading →

Ten years of iPhone

Yes, this is completely unrelated to the usual subjects on this site, but I just wanted to get something out there. Of course I'm late to the party but then again I don't think what I have to say is that world-shattering. Ten years ago, Apple started a revolution! OK, they did not invent every... Continue Reading →

New Film! Again!

Good news don't seem to stop this year, so today will be a double feature day! I just read an announcement for a 'new' film from Zorki Photo! The film is in fact an existing, unnamed 100 ISO emulsion, very nicely repackaged in a gorgeous soviet-retro-style. New or existing emulsion, makes no difference`Any new player... Continue Reading →

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