Another one bites the Dust!

I just read the sad news on Casual Photophile.FUJIFILM to Discontinue Acros 100 Film in October 2018 — Casual Photophile And this Time around it’s not some obscure, cheap  consumer film. No it’s one of the  mainstays of film photography. Fujifilm Acros 100! In all it’s forms! 35mm, 120 or large format, all will go away.... Continue Reading →

My Life without Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg has got a problem. Well, he's got more problems those last weeks, but there's one more that I add to his woes. With all the crap happening around Facebook and all the time I lose with it, I'm seriously thinking about leaving. What holds me back? What is still keeping me from slamming... Continue Reading →

Night Shift in Colour

Well, not exactly a night shift... more one of my usual early-morning-before-work strolls. I find these moment vey relaxing. For one thing, my mind is still fresh, uncluttered form a day's work and troubles. I have finished emerging from early morning drowsiness during the bus ride and am receptive for the frames that appear before... Continue Reading →

One Week with the iPhone

Thanks to fellow blogger Dan James of 35hunter fame, I committed to spending a whole week with my iPhone as my only camera. This resulted from a nice discussion we had about this post of mine. So it's one week without taking up any real camera, just with that slippery slab of aluminium and glass... Continue Reading →

A bunch of Fifties! Pixel peeping!

Having multiple cameras and camera systems brings you without fail to owning multiple lenses of the same focal length - unless you concentrate on compact cameras with fixed lenses of course. I reduced my camera stable to Pentax M42 and Leica M39 thread mount stuff. But of course for each systems I have a selection... Continue Reading →

Bad News for Film….

...thanks to Fujifilm! Agfa Vista, OK it was not the best loved and best looking film around, but it was among the cheapest to be had. And frankly, the quality was not too shabby!     Of course it has nothing to do with Agfa apart from the name. It was a rebranded film made... Continue Reading →

A new take on an old Theme!

I admit... this is digital! Yes, there it is, that ugly word! But these are photos anyways.    And I wanted to grab the opportunity to compare them to the same subjects, treated with film. Which one do you prefer? In my eyes they are both valid. Differences in colour, in exposure, in processing are... Continue Reading →

Black and White from the Street

Nothing fancy today, just three snaps I made the other day in Luxembourg City, on a very nice, cold and sunny winter's day. First one is kind of a Luxembourgish insider thing. Get it? Then we have some nice shadows and textures. They turn off the water jets during winter. They better, with temperatures down... Continue Reading →

When using old Cameras… can get bitterly disappointed! I made the experience just now. One of my three remaining 'trusty' cameras has just given up on me. Bummer it's the beautiful Spotmatic... I was out and about with it in beautiful sunny winter weather (yes even winter can be beautiful) and thought I had some nice shots to... Continue Reading →

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