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I want it thank Pavel for sharing his thoughts today. At first I wanted to comment on his post but as I started writing I noticed that I had too much to say on this for a simple comment.There seems to be a trend to get off the high tech and social networking bandwagon lately.... Continue Reading →

Scanner vs Digital Camera

In my iPad-post from some days ago I promised to compare my Plustek Opticfilm 8100 Scanner to the act of digitizing the negatives with my Fuji X-E1 and a gorgeous Takumar 50mm f:4 macro lens. The film was Stephen Dowling's excellent Kosmo Foto Mono film, in fact a rebranded Fomapan 100 film in a gorgeous... Continue Reading →

Pentax MX, Photos at last!

After much time wasted talking about gear, I have at last some new photos to show. Nothing great, just some snaps from the first test roll out of my Pentax MX. Darn, there I go and talk gear again! Nasty me! But photography is also about gear, and about our way to see and to... Continue Reading →


Two posts a day! Yes, I'm totally crazy! But in fact I promised to develop my first roll in the Pentax MX tonight and I keep my promises. An hour in Rodinal with a gentle inversion at thirty minutes did the trick. Of course I still have to scan the bunch.... or rather use my... Continue Reading →

Spotty’s Back!

Yes, it another (short) gear post. Sorry for that but I just wanted to announce that my glorious Spotmatic SP is back from Knoxville, Tennessee where it got the loving and much needed care of Eric Hendrickson! I also finished the test-roll in the Pentax MX. And I really really enjoyed being out with a... Continue Reading →

Morning, Fog

Early morning! I convinced myself to have a camera in hand (even the lowly iPhone), and as if by magic, the photos appear! I guess it was just a question of persevering, of forcing myself to see again. Anyways, here are some new photos at last! Hope this keeps working now. I promise to do... Continue Reading →

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