Tropical Market

We strolled through the daily market in Quatre Bornes, a town in the center of Mauritius today. With me not my trusty camera but shockingly…. my iPhone.

But why did I say shockingly? I am quite proud of some of the photos I made today and I honestly can’t see what a camera of any kind would have done better… Well sure, I know It’s not the cameras that make pictures, it’s the 30cm behind it.

I just love the smells, the sounds of these markets, the colors… well of course no colors today, just B&W photos but they really bring out that certain grittyness of the market.

This is perhaps my favourite market on the island, top quality veggies and fruit and always some excellent treat or snack…

…like the ‘Gâteau Piment’, small fried balls made of split peas, coriander, and chili.

Don’t waste your time with supermarkets when you’re shopping for fresh stuff. In those places you mostly find the stuff that did not make the cut to the local markets. Sad, withered things that would immediately be discarded in the market.

Happy to have you with me on this market-trip.

More from Mauritius soon

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