Breeding Unicorns…

Dreams are what’s fuelling our lives and what’s pushing humanity forward. Some have small dreams, some have big dreams and some have dreams rooted in childhood. There’s a farmer in our town who has got a dream, I suppose it’s one of his childhood dreams or even the dream of one of his kids. He... Continue Reading →

Closing the Circle…

Looping the Loop. Making Ends Meet. In short, back to where it all began! The new old camera that’s making me happy again On the 14th of march 2015, nearly 6 years ago I wrote the above piece about the failure of Fujifilm to capture me in their digital net and how they made me... Continue Reading →

I’m Back… I Hope

Let's sit down and have a little discussion! I guess I have some 'splaining to do, but I will not come out with all that happened in the last months all at once. I'll try to annoy you during the next posts with all this stuff that went on... and is still going on! Don't... Continue Reading →

Battery Room…

That's what the sign says! But what the hell is a Battery Room? As it's in the local train station I imagine a giant array of batteries to power the trains.... no, that's stupid! Do they store some kind of batteries in there ? Mysteries abound ! Do you know of other such mysterious signs... Continue Reading →

Time keeps on slipping…

...into the future! Weary, tired, no good... And time is hard to keep track of if you have lots of things to think about, to worry about! We've been moving to our new (partly finished) house a bit over a week ago. Hard to find your bearings in a work in progress (slooooooowwww progress!) and... Continue Reading →

Mystic Forest

No I have not been to a mysterious forest in parts unknown. This is just around the corner, a short 5 minute's walk away. I just wanted to play around with creating some otherworldly views from my rather bland landscape / forestscape photos. And why not! As I use a hybrid approach of film photography... Continue Reading →

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