Must it be in Black and White?

I can’t seem to get off the ‘Street Photography’ wagon right now that I’m still sitting at home, nursing my slowly healing foot… no way to get out and about with a camera.

160331 - Fuji Superia 200 - Lomo LC-A+ - 36
Lomo LC-A on Fuji Superia 200

Anyways, it’s raining cats. dogs and other strange things so I’m not too tempted today.

But while I wrote Saturday’s post, a question cropped up in my mind:

Does Street Photography have to be in black and white?

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How Much is Too Much?

I admit, I’m as guilty as anyone I will accuse in this post!

151208 - Ilford HP5 - Olympus XA2 - 011
Olympus XA2 on Ilford HP5

I’m guilty of tinkering with my photos digitally until they please me. Who doesn’t? Way back when the Darkroom was still king, photographers tinkered with their photos too. They dodged and burned, chose a certain paper gradation to get the contrast they wanted. They even cropped! And toned… and last but not least they hunted the dust spots. With ink and a very fine brush!

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What will you show your Grandchildren?

I will not hide where I’ll be going in this post. I’ll talk about your photos, be they film or digital, and prints.

My mother has a cupboard with boxes and albums of photos. I assure you, she’s no Vivian Maier but the photos she’s got document the life of our family throughout several generations.

Even better, they go back to the start of last century with a photograph I cherish very much. opi1 1

This is a photograph of my Grandfather… no, not the distinguished gentleman but the cute little guy. This photograph must have been taken around 1920.

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Stretching Time !

I have found a most marvelous way to stretch time!

Enjoyed a nice moment? Great! now you can stretch it out nearly to infinity! There’s just some small bugs I’ll have to work out….

Main trouble I got is that as of today it only works with unpleasant time. So that sucks but I’m hopeful that I can get this right, probably in version 2.0.

By the way, may I introduce my best friend, Sully the cat. Doesn’t give a damn about my problems…171115 - Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 - Fuj Superia 400 (11)

OK, back to serious!

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