Closing the Circle…

Looping the Loop. Making Ends Meet. In short, back to where it all began!

The new old camera that’s making me happy again

On the 14th of march 2015, nearly 6 years ago I wrote the above piece about the failure of Fujifilm to capture me in their digital net and how they made me go back to film photography.

Much time has elapsed since those days and dozens of cameras came and went. Some came again…. and again and always left me. I had GAS, I was undecided, I wanted always more, always something different. Then again I wanted less and sold my mess…. and bought it right back.

I will not try to put an amount to these transactions, but it might have cost me the equivalent of a nice CLA’d Leica M3 and 35mm Voigtländer lens. But what shall I say? Over the years I bored you enough with all that crap about choosing gear, about film and digital, about the merits of this or that lens and this or that kind of photography.

Enchanted Forest – Sequoias in Luxembourg

Then I went quiet, very quiet for a long time. With just some posts bubbling up about how I finally am back. That as of now I’d post regularly again. But I never followed up to those posts. Mind you, I’m not promising to post regularly! No more empty threats, hehe.

Photographer’s shop in Luxembourg…. all good things end

Anyways my gear is nearly all gone, my super clean Takumar lenses I got over the years, my Spotmatic I had CLA’d by Eric Hendrickson at tear inducing cost. Even the Olympus XA2 is long gone, along with the last rolls of film I had in my fridge.

Financial reasons, personal reasons, trouble with the bloody house…. all conspired to make me reconsider. I was away from photography for a long time. I simply had no mind for photography, no desire to make photos.

Shine a little light on me…

But I’ll come back to the beginning of my post…. back where it all began.

Don’t take my Kodachrome….. sorry, Fujichrome away!

Back to the Fujifilm X100, the old one, the original one. The one with the abysmally slow autofocus. The one with horrendous manual focus capacities. The one with the crappy LCD and EVF! The laughable 12 megapixel sensor equipped, 10 year old piece of crap.

And I love it!

Mess or Art…. your choice!

It has given me back the urge to be out and take it everywhere. This light, nearly pocketable and above all lovable camera. No promises, but I feel deep down inside that I’ll have fun again…. at last!

Rural Still LIfe

Thanks all for being faithful to this spotty, self pitying blog. I hope to bring you some interesting stuff in the future.

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  1. Hi Frank,

    It’s good to see another blog entry. A move last year from our home of 47 years and the concurrent COVID lockdown in New Jersey have slowed my blog to a crawl too. I am still taking a few pictures with my old thread mount Leicas but all of my other cameras and lenses are still in the moving boxes and I have no particular interest in unpacking any of them. I look forward to seeing more pictures from your X100.


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