Some more photos…

I am dreadfully sorry but I have to pesent some more iPhone photos here.

No film, but I have to make amends: These are troubled times  (again) and I just have the courage to sometimes raise my iPhone and make a shot.

Here are the results: img_0401


15 thoughts on “Some more photos…

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  1. Lovely images. You don’t have to be sorry for anything. If you didn’t mention they were taken on iphone, would something have changed? they look like film to me… love the hands – its got that 1920’s photograph look

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      1. these photos looks great

        just can’t get along with label “modern BW”….


  2. The chords round the wrist is very interesting. I’ve tried taking some more iPhone photos recently. It’s an interesting tool and part of me absolutely loves it as a camera…at the same time, I miss the viewfinder, the clicky controls and more.


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